AboutThe Raw Food Foundation is the global, industry-leading, plant-based healthcare educator, home of The Raw Food Education Experts TM, Raw Food Foundation Raw Food Chef Certification and 200 Hour Raw Food Educator Program TM. We are devoted to educating on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, inspiring & empowering foodies, home & professional chefs, health enthusiasts & healthcare professionals; to prepare delicious, raw meals with ease and successfully share this passion with others while making a positive impact, transforming their lives and the lives of those that matter to them most, doing what they love.

We offer an array of inspiring introductory and certification classes, live events, nutrition consultations, lectures, coaching and counselling. All workshops are facilitated by our talented, educated, inspiring staff consisting of professionals; Raw Food Chefs, French Pastry and Red Seal Chefs, Sports Nutritionists, Holistic Nutritionists, Natural Health Practitioners, Doctors, Registered Nurses, Kinesiologists, Thai Therapists, Sustainable Agriculture Experts, Bio-dynamic & Organic Farmers, Event Planners, Counsellors, Wellness Coaches and Business Coaches! Programs offered are for the development and enjoyment of all individuals looking to have even more energy, a solid nutrition education and the tools to move forward preparing delicious nutrient dense, gourmet meals; quickly and easily, without any deprivation, now.
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