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Christine Wohlleben

Christine WohllebenFormerly a registered massage therapist, Christine has always been interested in health and the human body. A competitive athlete from the age of 13, nutrition and food science has always been a part of her life.

Christine's earliest memory of food was helping her mother make a Caesar salad while standing on a step stool in order to reach the counter. Throughout the years, Christine suffered from many food allergies, digestive issues, and eczema but thought the incessant bloating and uncomfortable stomach was the genetic "Wohlleben stomach", an ailment to be spoken about with her sisters as they all experienced it. Wanting to take charge of her own health, Christine went to a naturopath for many years, but did not always follow the food restrictions, therefore continuing to be uncomfortable. It wasn't until 2008 and finding out she had gallstones that she decided to really take charge of her health. Christine discovered RAW food and the RAW Foundation in 2009, participating in her first Peak Performance class in preparation for her first Ironman triathlon.

Previously happiest times were spent surrounded by cookbooks and cooking magazines, planning dinner parties for friends, figuring out what recipes and flavors would go together. Nowadays, the happiest times are spent studying and researching more about RAW food and learning about a new lifestyle that continues to help her body. Gone are the days of the "Wohlleben stomach" and eczema breakouts are few and far between. Christine is excited to continue with triathlon training, now armed with much more knowledge on how food affects performance and recovery after noticing a huge difference with controlling inflammation through diet.

Christine aspires to someday complete the 200 hour RAW food educator program, and in the meantime can't get enough of researching, class-taking and recipe-making. Christine hopes to inspire other athletes to find their true potential and to discover what RAW food can do for their athletic performance.

Christine is extremely happy to have found her mentor, and the RAW foundation, and is looking forward to her new journey – no matter how late in life it started.

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