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Liz Campbell

Liz loves food.

Liz CampbellLiz became passionate about food, nutrition and health when she was young and this passion has led her to study and explore how food can nourish the body, improve performance, affect mood and most of all enhance the quality of our lives. She pursued her Bachelor of Health Sciences at the University of Western Ontario , than set off to travel the world in search of new and exciting cuisine. When she returned from her travels she returned to school to study holistic nutrition and since has started up her own practice.

Liz’s love of food and her experience with the transformational benefits of a balance diet inspired her to help others on their path to well-being. The next step in her path was discovering the practice and teachings of yoga which have inspired her even more on her path of helping others. She now teaches and practices yoga in Vancouver.

You can find Liz in coffee shops around Vancouver with her nose deep into a book on nutrition or researching on her Mac. She also loves perusing local food markets, health food stores, tea shops, restaurants and cafes. She is always in search of the freshest foods, made with love and the the most wholesome ingredients. Anyone who knows Liz can attest to her love of food, nutritional science and most of all eating local, organic foods.

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