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Janice Skoreyko

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Janice Skoreyko, Director of Education at Raw Foundation Culinary Arts Institute, is a Celebrity Nutrition Expert, Chef, Natural Health Educator, Author, Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker and Coach; that has healed from 5 incurable illnesses and 3 conditions with the gift of RAW Food. In addition to the 200 Hour RAW Food Educator Program, Delicious Health Success System, Breathless to Breathtaking Bridal Boutique Retreats, Janice has produced the RAW Foundation Method, a coaching program with the exact step by step system that has enabled her and thousands of clients, internationally, to find balance and experience vibrant health, naturally with a delicious,Whole Food Lifestyle, in just 5 minutes a day!

Janice began her journey in health and wellness as a young girl, growing up with a health conscious mother whose Eastern beliefs in a strong natural foundation were instilled. Janice was born prematurely with weak lungs, severe allergies, digestive challenges and a broken smile. In an effort to help her gain strength she was encouraged to practice yoga, take 26 different tablets each morning with a protein shake and stay inside. Over time these solutions took their toll as Janice lacked quality of life and variety in her diet. However, each time she deviated from the protein shakes and ate other cooked or processed foods her health declined.

In 2002 Janice had the good fortune of studying with Jeanne Marie Martin, whom introduced her to the concept of healing with whole foods. Jeanne Marie's story of having regenerated her liver was the match that lit Janice's fire! The years ahead led to experimentation and a gradual rekindling of a healthy relationship with food. 

As a Natural Health Educator and Naturopathic Technician, she was responsible for empowering patients; providing them with tools and inspiration to adapt new meal plans to regain their vitality. She implemented a nutritional program that improved the health of the patients by focusing on live food both, in private practice and at a local Wellness Centre. 

Janice has since continued on her path studying with global leaders in nutrition and health sciences, neurology and mindset mastery; in addition to her pursuit of a Doctorate in Naturopathy and continuing her studies in Integrative Health Care with a focus on all that supports unstoppable energy, respiratory health, healthy weight loss, anti-angiogenesis and anti-ageing . 

For the past two decades  Janice's focus has been on uncovering the keys to Optimal Health; a journey that has taken her around the globe in search of answers.  Since adopting a raw food lifestyle Janice is radiant, full of energy, joy and has healed from  3 conditions and 5 "irreversible" conditions; asthma, collapsed lung, environmental allergies, food allergies, eczema, IBS, depression,  hypothyroidism, low bone density, a heart nearly completely separated from her sternum and cardiac arrhythmia!  

Empowered to share her story and help others; Janice now provides education via tv and radio appearances, writing for health and fitness publications, as a featured expert; hosts and delivers lectures at community lectures,  provides one on one and group coaching and corporate workshops teaching the skills which led her to improve her quality of life globally. Janice's teaching focuses on unstoppable energy, gourmet whole and raw food, fresh air, exercise and a positive mental attitude. Her techniques make food preparation and eating fun, adventurous, and seriously delicious;  resulting in a feeling of vibrancy and a commitment by the individual to this lifestyle due to fulfillment vs discipline.

Additionally, Janice develops raw , whole and vegan menus for Restaurants, Cleansing and Wellness Centers, Gyms, Personal Trainers, Athletes, Brands, Families and Individuals whom depend on her expertise to ensure they are providing both their bodies and those of their clients with the best fuel possible.

 Janice is a member of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and Natural Health Practitioner of Canada 

Janice will help you:

• Create a nutritional plan with better eating habits
• Learn how to prepare delicious, enzyme rich gourmet meals quickly & easily!
• Integrate Food Allergy Results, creating amazing menus – gluten free & dairy free & soy free
• Be Inspired and Empowered
• Create meals with 5 ingredients in 5 minutes! – Our Intro To Raw Workshop!
• Develop your skills in the raw food kitchen – lean to balance tastes and create fare from around the globe
• Assess your physical, mental and energetic conditions; set goals and track changes
• Improve your health
• Improve your appearance
• Release fat/toxins and decrease inflammation
• Improve endurance,  energy, performance and decrease recovery time
• Improve mental alertness
• Improve your overall state of well being and quality of life
• Reach your goals
• Create a fabulous day!

Her charity and community outreach work includes teaching, speaking and donating at events to help raise money and awareness for organizations like EarthSave, Ronald MacDonald House, Family and Social Services Of The North Shore, Healthy Eating  Classes at Whole Foods Market and various health food stores and wellness center; as well as organizing uncooking classes for children with the YWCA. In addition, Janice provides volunteer services to Inspire Health, an organization which has provided over 5,500 individuals with Cancer  options for better health, a better recovery, and teaches individuals with tools to change their lives, provide guidance, rediscovering the joy in living.

Ready to work with Janice and take yourself of your business to the next level?

Email support@rawfoundation.ca and book a strategy today!



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