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Metabolism Makeover

Metabolism Makeover



Feeling frumpy? Is that little black dress a little too little? 
Are you looking for a quick fix; but secretly wishing for a sustainable, 
solid, delicious solution? 
What if there was a way to find out how to Uncover Your Fabulous
Figure and feel truly fantastic? What if there was a way to  learn
what to stop doing, right now to increase your energy levels by
30% the next morning? 
How much more productive, profitable and fun would your day be 
with 30% more energy? (the return is absolutely exponential!) 
What if you knew exactly when to eat, how much to eat and 
what to eat; to ensure optimal energy level and a clean running
"machine" that doesn't utilize the carb loading, anti-nutrient 
principle of pasta, nor encourage you to stop eating your 
favourite fruits – because they have carbs. 
There is so much information out there, and you 
need a solid plan to follow: education, empowerment
and support.
What would you really do in order to be able to reclaim and 
rock your "IT" Factor, again; love the skin you are in and
walk into any room filled with confidence, poise and grace? 
Hi, I am Janice Skoreyko, Founder of the Raw Foundation
Culinary Arts Institute, Author of Raw Food to Live for and
Creator of the Delicious Helathy Workshops Success System.
I feel you, for over  20 years I struggled, suffered, researched 
to help the fact that  I had a extraordinarily poor relationship
with food, with my image and myself; fueled by the pressures
of being a model, playing sports at a national level, a special
circle of "friends" and having been plagued by serious illnesses- for
which the medications' side effects were weight gain and depression. 
I tried every diet on the planet, every supplement,
every new workout routine, starvation (on all levels)
and still found myself gaining weight- even when I stopped 
the medication and eating- I gained 7lbs on the Master Cleanse! 
The calories in, calories out theory failed me, as did my traditional
sports nutrition education. I know where you are and where you
have been, and  want you to know that I am here, beside
you on this journey. We are in this together; and today 
I invite you to allow yourself to hold my hand, and 
one step at a time, together, we will move forward; and not just
makeover your metabolism but support you in returning to
yourself the greatest gift- you standing powerfully, head high,
rockin your "It" Factor.


The Metabolism Series: 

Consists of :
- 3 x Continuing Education Workshops 
  Solid, Transformational Education: delivered via the online education portal
- Foundation: Top 10 Foods for the area of focus (3)
- Accelerator: Top 10 Herbs for the area of focus (3)
- 3 Menus
- 3 Recipe Collections
- 21 day Support / Challenge 
- Lifestyle, Mindset and Nutrition Transformation! 
Workshop Series:
1. Uncover Your Fabulous Figure: Feeding your body for success. 
    Getting clear what you need to add into your Rock Your "IT" Factor Itinerary
    and letting go of the things that are sabotaging your fabulous figure success!
    Meals, Mindset and Movement. 
2. Peak Performance : Unstoppable Energy – Whole Food Sports Nutrition
    Learn the top 10 essentials Peak Performance, for optimal energy,
    what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, what is the root cause
    of plateaus, stress and inflammation. Whether you are an athlete
    or in the everyday Olympics this program is for you. 
     (value $249)
3. Happy Hormones : Understand the link between our overall sense
    of well being and hormones. Get clear on how to balance hormones
    and be in an even better mood! Imagine reclaiming your zest for life
    and waking excited for the opportunities the day brings vs feelings of
    obligation. Springing into action because your passion levels are high
    and energy is channeled into doing even more of what you love!
       (value $249)
90 Day Metabolism Makeover: April 9 – June 30, 2016
It's time for Metabolism Makeover and to support your soul  by
returning to yourself the greatest gift- you standing powerfully,
energized, head high and rockin your "It" Factor.
Let's do this, together we will reach your goals!
Click the button below and let's get started. xo






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