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Janice Skoreyko
Janice Skoreyko, founder of RAW Foundation, is a well respected Natural Health Educator, Author, Certified Nutritionist and RAW Food Chef. Empowered to share her knowledge, from studying around the globe in search of answers enabling her to heal from 5 incurable illnesses she now teaches the skills which led her to improve her quality of life to individuals internationally. Janice's teaching focuses on life force energy, living foods, fresh air, exercise and a positive mental attitude. A life long student, she continues to study the latest in integrative health care and completing a doctorate in Naturopathy. Janice is a member of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and Natural Health Practitioner of Canada
Tinesja Vanel
Tinesja holds a degree in Psychology from her home country Switzerland. In the early 1970’s she arrived in Canada and over the years continuously expanded her education and knowledge in Psychology, Diet and Natural Health Approaches by attending numerous certification courses at the American Academy of Neural Therapy in Seattle, USA. Her focus was and is extensively on various forms of detoxification methods. Nearly two decades ago she studied Colon Hydrotherapy and became a certified Colon Hydro-Therapist, acquired the highest qualifications in her profession a and since has operated Prime Vitality, a busy Colon Hydrotherapy and Detoxification Clinic and Education Center. Tinesja is an advocate of the raw food lifestyle and is passionate to share her experience and gathered knowledge in this field with her students.
Dr. Ali Amiri
Dr. Ali is so inspired to reach people that he co-created two national natural health cycling tours from coast to coast across both Canada and America spanning over 75 days each, reaching millions with the message of healthy living. As a past Ironman Triathlete, he eats a 99% raw living foods diet for optimal health. His raw food passion lies in tissue detoxification, alkalization and regeneration through the power of delicious fresh dark leafy green vegetable juices which he consumes daily by the liter. He conducts raw food lectures and assist with workshops to sold out audiences at RAW Foundation.
Lise Després
Lise's passion for food began at an early age, being influenced by her acadian french roots with big family gatherings to her grandfather's little bakery in the Maritimes. She pursued a career in business, completing her degree only to realize that the corporate world was not for her, and traded her cubicle for a kitchen.
Liz Campbell
Liz loves food. Liz became passionate about food, nutrition and health when she was young and this passion has led her to study and explore how food can nourish the body, improve performance, affect mood and most of all enhance the quality of our lives.
Graeme Hodson-Walker
Graeme is a passionate sustainability change agent, entrepreneur, and educator and has a lifelong interest in fitness, health and wellness. His belief is that by empowering people with the best information, stories and tools for action, we will all naturally make choices to become Sustainable For Life.

Graeme is interested in game-changing innovative ideas and projects. His current pursuits focus on distributed food production. Graeme is a partner in The Farm Down the Road, which is developing the world’s first net-zero carbon, net-zero energy greenhouses. Graeme manages Canadian distribution of the “Earthbox” container growing system - which allows nearly anyone to grow their own organic vegetables at home. Graeme writes the blog SustainableForLife.
Christine Wohlleben
Christine has been interested in health and nutrition from an early age and has been involved in competitive sports for the past 23 years. Christine transitioned from volleyball to triathlon in 2009 and finished her first Ironman triathlon in 2010. She is excited to continue learning on how RAW food affects sports performance and recovery and strives to obtain optimal health through optimal nutrition. Christine is looking forward to one day completing the 200 hour RAW food educator program and furthering her education in this exciting field.
Eden MacDonald
Eden, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, founded Feed Life out of her desire take the confusion out of healthy eating for cancer prevention. There is a natural synergy between her passion for inspiring people to create delicious healthy cuisine and all the while eating to starve cancer. Eden’s own cancer diagnosis opened her eyes to the fact that there wasn’t a lot of structured evidence based classroom and culinary education out there for cancer patients and survivors.
Kathleen Ambrose
Kathleen has had a deep interest in food from a young age. Since her culinary training, Kathleen has continued searching and learning. Her passion for food and the connection to health has lead her to the RAW vegan lifestyle. Kathleen is genuinely interested in sharing her knowledge with others to help make raw food easy, fun and delicious.
Lovena Gaylide
A RAW Foundaiton Culinary Arts Institute Grad with over two decades of experience in food preparation, catering, architecture, art school and event planning Lovena absolutely dazzles people with her outstanding presentation skills. Our in house, now raw, architect is thrilled to share her knowledge, epowering you to uleash your inner creativity & develop sound presentation skills.
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