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Delicious Health Coaching Success System

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Your Delicious Healthy Workshops – Coaching “In a Box” Success System

The Done-For-You Foundation for Your Successful Service-Based, Coaching & Education-Focused Business. 


“gold” Do you love helping others succeed?

“gold” Do you long for a career that adds meaning to your life while making a difference in the lives of others?

“gold” Are you ready to earn an income you feel great about while being of service to the world?

“gold” Are you afraid that if you don’t start soon, you will never launch or elevate your practice?  

“gold” Do you desire to use your life experiences, natural gifts, and knowledge to help others?

“gold” As you read this, do you find yourself thinking, That sounds like my dream career…?


I remember exactly what it feels like to be living in this world and not be doing work that you truly love.

I know what it is like to not have enough time to create the coaching programs that I wanted to, and feeling really really stuck.

I remember trying all sorts of graphic design programs and taking 6 hours to simply do a poster- “perfectly”.

I wanted so badly to have “Genie” appear and drop a packged off of  beautiful matertials, all done for me, ready to go;

with perfect pictures, 5-star recipes, powerpoints I could be proud of, shopping lists, tool lists, tips- a complete structured system

– essentially all of the things on my daunting “to-do/ to-create list”, complete, so that I could get going, doing what I loved.  


Fifteen years ago, I found the courage to step out on my own and start my coaching and education business full-time.

No investor. No mentor. No team. No Genie in a bottle. 

I learned a lot of things hard way. Big lessons that cost me time, energy, my inner peace, relationships, and health

– a few more times that I’d like to admit. 


But, it worked. And I am here, smiling, happy, in one piece. 

I had realized what my value as a coach and trainer was, took a “leap of faith”, and quit my job at the clinic.

That leap changed everything. Over time, I began to help others start and grow their own coaching & education businesses.

I quickly saw that all of my tenacity, figuring it out, forging the path, made the process a lot easier for them.


Over time, so many people wanted my help becoming a coach and educator— that I created this program.

Today, I am a business mentor + Signature System Program Creator + Leadership Coach for women entrepreneurs.


Some people call me the ‘manifesting magicienne” as it is commonly known that every program I create together with clients,

“feels like them”  designed and aligned with their greater vision,  to create sustainable success, soufully and financially.  


We now have thousands of clients in 24 countries – many flew in, to our HQ.

We celebrated our first six-figure in 6 months “Experiences” launch (VIP retreats in the South of France – more on that later)

While a lot has changed in the time since I started my business…


I still feel so blessed to be this tenacious person, figure things out, and Make Them Easy For You! 


The content of  this system is largely the foundation of our success.

My professional online coaching, and eudcation business are the key foundation components to my success;

and the core of the Delicous Healthy Coaching & Workshop Succcess System TM.

I am so excited to help you start and grow your business, to Rise; and to see you help others to Rise too!




Download the backbone for your personal coaching programs, workshops and retreats; integrating your unique gifts

to create reach and transform your audience’s lives.

Learn the structure  for creating a supportive experience that enables sustainable transforamtion for  your client.

Form your strategy for establishing your core offerings

Developing your maketing plan, with structure series’ of programs that your clients need as they go to their next-levels 

Be supported, integrating  the system to feel and be at ease, so that you can do your best work in your business. 




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The Done-For-You Declicious Coaching and Workshop Success System  Includes:

  1.  *The exact map I used to create a successful 6 figure holistic health practice.


  2.  * Monthly Workshop/Programs in a Box, Core Modules, 1 to 12 months ($1995 x 12)

  3.  * Marketing Poster: ready for your photo and contact information ($100 x 12)


  4.  * Registration/ Sign In Forms: for each workshop ($50 x 12)


  5.  * Research and Development: the Cole’s notes version of the workshop’s topic providing the most

    pertinent information with Eastern and Western philosophies, a complete list of beneficial foods

    and list of supportive herbs. ($1000 x 12)


  6.  * Powerpoint Presentations for each module- so you can start your coaching program or presenting

    online or inperson today!  ($250 x  12)


  7.  * Recipes for Teaching: Including notes/ prep & equip tips. (over 10 yrs)  ($1000 x 12)


  8.  * Recipes for Students ($100 x 12)

  9. *Overall Equipment list ($100 x 12)


  10.  * Shopping List ($200 x 12)


  11. *Equipment List ($100 x 12) 


  12. * Website Listing as a Delicious Healthy Workshop Success System Coach

    & Workshop Teacher, if desired  ($295/yr)


  13.  * Quarterly Mentoring Calls: Q & A Teaching Calls to support you ($1495/yr)


  14.  * License to use all of this material  ($495/yr)


 Total Value ($40,000) 




Hi!  I’m Janice Skoreyko!

It is my heart-filled intention that you will create an exceptionnelle life,  coaching practice and business, rise to greater heights

that you thought possible, take others with you, and enjoy becoming even more of yourself in your progress! 

Twenty years ago, I had a career in sports nutrition and began my path into Naturopathic Medicine, Orthomolecular Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Mindset Mastery. 

Fifteen year ago, I started my business as a coach.

I specialized in helping women to become strong nutritionally and physically, clear about what they want,

design their lives and careers aligned with support this healthy lifestyle, and taught them my processes for manifesting.

I became a business coach accidentally — as I started to help some of these women to adjust, align and add to their businesses;

or share their personal steps that got them from frustrated to fabulous- their signature systems. 

Fast forward, a few years. My days are filled with activiites that feed my soul, my clients are amazing,

I work smarter, not harder, and enjoy the opportunity to work poolside- whith telephone coaching,

and having my clients reach new levels by partaking in my online programs, since 2009. I did it!! And, so can you.  


Program Format:

Done-For-You, downloadable, and training without traveling! Get Clear and Confident with the Delicious Healthy Workshops

Success System, from the comfort of your own home or office. The trainings are facilitated via the web, and scheduled

1:1 coaching calls are done via the telephone (see 1st year bonus).  


Quarterly Group Q and A Mentoring Sessions: (The 2nd Wednesday of each quarter @ 12:30 pm Pacific Time:

all calls are recorded to listen to at your convenience, during the program)

1 on 1 Strategy Session with Janice Skoreyko to get clear and confident on where you are now and your top 3 priorities

for our time together, in the program. (via conference call) ($495 Value)




Program Options: (End November 24th, 2019)


Includes your choice of  ONE Done For You Module – listed above for $1997/yr.

Get Started today for $997+ $97/mo  



*Your choice of a Series Package – comprised of Three (3) Done for You Modules

a) METABOLISM MAKEOVER SERIES: Fabulous Figure, Happy Hormones, Peak Performance (sports nutrition/ increased energy)

b) SENSATIONAL SUMMER SERIES: Delicious & Dairy-Free, Get Your Glow On, Delicious Detox

c) POWERFUL PREVENTION SERIES: Holistic Approach to Diabetes, Holistic Approach to Cancer, Cholesterol Management

d) HAPPY HOLIDAY SERIES: Home For The Holidays, Mood Food, Medicinal Mushrooms (Immune)


*What’s Included In the Trilogy Package?

*1 x  Series Package – comprised of Three (3) Done for You Modules, ($5995 value)

*Quarterly mentoring included ($1495 value)

*No licensing fees for the first year ($495 value)    
Total value: $7990    (SAVE $5000)


Invest in a Packaged Series of 3 Modules today: for $2995 

*(Please note: Trilogy Series Packages are as listed, if you desire modules from 2  Trilogy Packages, purchase the program below.)   



*Includes: All 4 Trilogy Packages (12 modules in total), 12 Core Modules + 2 Bonus Modules total ($12000 value)

Amanda Frances*BTW this is the only package that includes the “For The Love of Chocolate” Module, a Top Seller! 

(the second Bonus Module is “Heavy Metals and Your Health” –  a popular focus

*Lifetime Quarterly Mentoring Calls ($1495/yr value)

*Lifetime License ($497/yr x #yrs you plan to coach = value)




+ $0/mo fees, $0/yr licensing fess, $0/yr Quarterly Mentoring Fees- ever. xo

(yes, it’s less than the cost of  2 modules, with a 1 year license and mentoring.) 


Amanda Frances, Become a Money Making Coach, money teacher, business mentor, spiritual coach, spiritual business, life coach, health coach, sex coach, become a coachSet Yourself Up for Lifetime Success!
*FAST ACTION BONUS: SAVE an additional $1500!

1 Installment of $3495:


Enroll by clickin the image below!


1 Installment of $4995 (SAVE $7000 + $2K/yr )

(once the first 8 are gone. Enroll by clicking the image above) 


Amanda FrancesFor those of your registering witin 1 hour of the live-training ending, you will receive 2 complimentary 1:1 business strategy session with Janice, personally.  ($795 value) 

Amanda FrancesFor those of you registering for the Founders Program, with all 12 modules, you will also receive the Holistic Business Blueprint Training recordings, to catapult your success. ($1995 value)


Amanda Frances, Become a Money Making Coach, money teacher, business mentor, spiritual coach, spiritual business, life coach, health coach, sex coach, become a coachNeed an installment plan? We’ve got you covered.

3 installments of $1995 totaling $5985 

Enroll now: 




License Details:

1. The license entitles you to teach the material and test the recipes for 

your own personal use. All content is subject to copyright with the exception of one 

copy for your personal use.

2. The license specifies that the teacher will charge a minimum of $97 per person, per class/ program; and may choose to add on as many additional services, as he or she desires, at any additional charge they wish. The material may be used for live classes, online classes, retreats and special events. Most coaches charge $495-$1495/program.

3. Website and Login access: Within 1 month of program’s start date 

all forms are due, in MS Word Fomat, submitted to put up your web listing.

4. Website: 1 update per year is included with the license. Additional 

updates are invoiced at $70 per request. 

5. For those with 1 modules, 1yr licenses, there will be an additional link sent to authorize the $97/mo, at the time your website information request form and welcome letter is sent. Once it is received your login access will be granted.  


Message from our team: 

The world needs your message and there is no faster, easier or better way

than to create transformation on a deeper level for people, doing what 

you love, than with the Delicious Healthy Workshop & Coaching Success System! 



Receive  Access this week, by enrolling today.
You have content and updates for life. xo




As with every previous online education and business training and support program we have every confidence

that this training will far exceed your expectations and that its value is many times over the investment.

For this reason and in order to prevent abuse of the system when you sign up for this training, it must be

with the understanding that no refund will be given, that all installments, (if you choose that option) be

paid on time and as agreed, if installments are not paid on time access to the program and material-along with bonuses-

will be terminated, and that you are happy to join the program with this understanding, in addition to our

standard reservation policies.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at support@rawfoundation.ca, prior to registering.

We are happy to discuss with you personally if you have any questions, via the support email address or

a scheduled telephone appointment.

Thank you.

You have got this! You are a living legacy! xo

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