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DHWSS: Healthy Workshop Success System

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Your Delicious Healthy Workshops In a Box

Success System

The Done For You Successful System, Supporting Your

Transformational Practice, So You Can Do More of What

You Love and Transform Lives! 


Why are so many coaches, nutritionists and health

practitioners struggling to take their practices

to the next level?

  • * They don't have enough time to create a workshop.

  • * They weren't trained on how to market their workshops.

  • * They do not have a successful plan for this arm of their business.

  • * They do not know how to separate themselves from the crowd, with their own authentic program offerings.

  • * They do not know what to do with their clients to provide lasting transformation.

 (Hint: It is never really just about nutrition)

  • * They do not know how to create and deliver the type of workshops their ideal clients are yearning for.

  • * They do not have a tried and tested roadmap used for a successful training based practice. 

  • * They don't start their practice because they worry that they must be the perfect example of health in order to get started and help others.

  • * They don't have the support of an industry-leading coach to answer their questions. They do not have thousands of dollars and countless hours or a team of experts to create successful programs. 


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The Healthy Workshops

In A Box Success System 


  1. *The exact map I used to create a successful 6 figure holistic health practice.

  2. * Monthly Workshop in a Box Modules for 12 months ($1000 x 12)

  3. * Marketing Poster: ready for your photo and contact information ($100 x 12)

  4. * Registration/ Sign In Forms: for each workshop

  5. * Research and Development: the Cole's notes version of the workshop's topic providing the most pertinent information with Eastern and Western philosophies, a complete list of beneficial foods and list of supportive herbs. ($1000 x 12)

  6. * Powerpoint Presentations for each module ($250 x  12)

  7. * Recipes for Teaching: Including notes/ prep tips and equipment ($250 x 12)

  8. * Recipes for Students ($1000 x 12) Overall Equipment list ($100 x 12)

  9. * Shopping List ($100 x 12)

  10. * Equipment List ($100 x 12) 

  11. * Website Listing as a Certified RAW Food Foundation Healthy Workshop Teacher on rawfoodfoundation.com ($297/yr)

  12. * Quarterly Coaching Calls: Q & A Teaching Calls to support you ($1495)

  13. * License to use all of this material  ($997)


Total Value ($31,000) 



    Program Format:

    Train without traveling! Get Clear and Confident with the Delicious Healthy Workshops Success System, from the comfort of your own home or office. The trainings are facilitated via the web and scheduled 1:1 coaching calls are done via the telephone (see 1st year bonus).  


    Quarterly Group Q and A Coaching Sessions (The 2nd Wednesday of each quarter @ 12 pm PDT: all calls are  recorded to listen to at your convenience, during the program)

    1 x One on one Strategy Session with Janice L. Skoreyko to get clear and confident on where you are now and your top 3 priorities for our time together, in the program. (via conference call for )


    Program Schedule:


    There are 2 Core Options:

    1. 1 Year License: The program is licensed for one year and begins September 1, 2018

    2. Founder's License: The program is licensed for a lifetime, beginning September 1, 2018

      and includes a premier listing as a Founding Member on the website ($495).

      Limited number available.  



    The Advanced Raw Food Foundation Chef or Raw Food Foundation Educator Program

    If you are missing this there is a great package for you

    too, below. 



    Investment Options:

    Option 1:  1 Year Healthy Workshops Success System License

    Includes your choice of one module listed above for $997/yr + $97/mo

    before February14th; after February14, $1997/yr + $197/mo  (value $30,000)


    Get Started today for $997+ $97/mo  (save $1000 + $100/mo)



    Need an Installment plan? 

    3 payments of $397 + $97/mo

    (value $2,500)

    Available before Feb 14, 2019



    Option 2: Founding Member's Lifetime License 

    Includes all of the items listed above for $3495 + $0/mo fees

    Until Feb 8th; $4995 after Feb 8th until Feb 14th.

    (This is less than the cost of  2  modules with 1 year licenses. You will have 12! ) 


    Set Yourself Up for Lifetime Success

    1 installment of $3495 (SAVE$1500 before Feb 8)




    4 installments of $997 totaling $3995 Before Feb 8, 2019

    4 installments of $1250 totaling $4995 Feb 8 to Feb 14, 2019.





    *Pre-requisite for the Healthy Workshop Success System

    is the RAW Food Foundation Raw Food Chef Immersion. 





    License Details:


    1. The license entitles you to teach the material and test the recipes for 

    your own personal use. All content is subject to copyright with the exception of one 

    copy for your personal use.

    2. The license specifies that the teacher will charge a minimum of $97 per person, per class; and may choose to add on as many additional services, as he or she desires, at any additional charge they wish. The material may be used for live classes, online classes, retreats and special events.  

    3. Website and Login access: Within 1 month of program's start date 

    all forms are due, in MS Word Fomat, submitted to put up your web listing on


    4. Website: 1 update per year is included with the license. Additional 

    updates are invoiced at $70 per request. 

    5. For those with 1yr licenses, there will be an additional link sent to 

    authorize the $97/mo with your website information request form and

    welcome letter. Once it is received your login access will be granted.  


    Message from our team: 

    The world needs your message and there is no faster, easier or better way

    than to create transformation on a deeper level for people, doing what 

    you love, than with the Delicious Healthy Workshop Success System! 


    If you would like private mentoring for your business check out 

    this opportunity here.



    As with every previous online education and business training and support program we have every confidence that this training will far exceed your expectations and that its value is many times over the investment.

    For this reason and in order to prevent abuse of the system when you sign up for this training, it must be with the understanding that no refund will be given, that all installments, (if you choose that option) be paid on time and as agreed and that you are happy to join the program with this understanding, in addition to our standard reservation policies.

    If you have any questions feel free to email us at support@rawfoundation.ca

    We are happy to discuss with you personally if you have any questions.

    Thank you.



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