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Raw Food Seduction!

28 Sep 2010 The Vancouver Sun, By Randy Shore Food- F1 & F2


28 Sep 2010 The Calgary Herald.  Life section





2 August 2010 L'Express Du Pacifique

Pour être branché(e), mangez cru !



January 2010, The Agora 

Unreasonably Happy!



19 Sep 2009, The Vancouver Sun,  BY MIA STAINSBY, VANCOUVER SUN

No cookie-cutter pattern for local cooking schools

"Let the lean times roll. Vancouverites’ well-developed palates are not letting smaller budgets and fewer restaurant visits hinder their quest for good food. They’re learning to cook for themselves. Here are some of the varieties of cooking classes available locally.

How do Demi Moore and Shania Twain get their glow? Maybe it’s their raw food vegan diets. Learn how to cook (uncook?) with Janice Skoreyko at this international organization. She offers a beginner course and a gourmet as well as a certification level. Raw food dishes are not heated over 118 F to preserve enzymes, benefitting digestion. “It’s growing every day,” she says of her classes. “It’s really taking off like the organics movement in the 1980s. A lot come to regain their health.” Single classes (Desserts, Eating for Beauty, Healthy Snacks) are $50 to $75; a more intensive class costs $150."


June/July 2009, *Western Living Magazine,* BY FAN-YEE SUEN

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