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If you’re a driven, heart-centered individual craving more meaning, purpose, empowerment, confidence, “credibility “ and fun in your business, while meeting your high-level personal and business goals… this is your chance to work with me in personally and step into the frontier of your field.
The Premier DNA Nutrition Foundation Certification is here! For the past 12 years DNA and epigenetic focused nutrition and lifestyle have been at the forefront of Janice L Skoreyko’s practice as well as her studies for the past 20 years- it is she was able to create a different reality and save her life- from its predicted miserable and short expectancy. (She can’t wait to share the best & the latest science from her last program at MIT, the Institute of Functional Medicine and the University of Melbourne with you!) 
The consciousness of the world is opening up and DNA is a very popular and important conversation- it’s time to lead the way by doing your work and help others to go deeper as well. The impact of this work is healing for us, as well as generations to come; instead of continuing to create generations that are lesser than ours- a very serious tragedy.
The DNA Nutrition Foundation Program,
Is a  2-Part Program and Includes:
6 Weeks of Action Packed Content & Application


  • * Foundational Science & Language of DNA Nutrition & Lifestyle
  • * Why DNA testing is important and what it can uncover – check your messages!
  • * What are the top 20 blockbuster SNPs (DNA variants/ defects) – having the greatest impact on our health; front of mind desired outcomes (a good mood, a delicious night’s sleep, greater productivity, more energy, athleticism)
  • * How the top 20 SNPS impact chronic disease & what to do about it
  • * Why DNA is NOT our destiny
  • .
  • * Top foods and top herbs for each SNP– based on solid science and peer reviewed studies
  • * Anti-ageing secrets
  • * Timeless Lifestyle Co-Factor Principles & how they affect DNA
  • .
  • * How our grandparents’ traumas affect chronic disease in our generation
  • * How traumas & lifestyle factors affect blood sugar, cholesterol & fertility
  • * The power of Re-membering – healing now and beyond.
  • * Discover what your next chapter is aligned to, with clarity and confidence
  • .
  • * Have a solid plan to support your DNA SNPs to align with the quality of life you desire and deserve
  • * Have DNA testing available for your clients/ patients/ family, if you wish
  • * Stop blind nutrition – guessing and stressing
  • * Understand the difference between DNA Needs and Nutritional Deficiencies.
  • .
  • * How to improve overall metabolism and absorption, overall wellbeing
  • * Formulate DNA nutrition for yourself and your clients, down to the microgram, based on their DNA results, effectively and economically, if you wish (North America for now)
  • * How to integrate DNA testing and education into your business, quickly, easily and effectively
  • * How to further support the SNPs with plant-based, raw, vegan recipes
  • * Do life as a Next Generation Leader– so you achieve your goals AND enjoy your life!
  • .
  • * Have you & your loved ones feel more secure and cared for as you step further into your greatness, dare to be seen and heard- this is your time!



Your Personal DNA Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Experience, *directly with me*, for a personal Breakthrough! 
*The best way to truly understand the impact of your DNA and genetic data on overall quality of life, performance/energy, mood and effective prevention; is to fully experience the testing first hand, before integrating it in your practice and programs for your clients.
(I typically, only take clients on for a minimum of 1 year, at an investment of $20K/yr; this is a superb opportunity for us to work together. I am so excited and honoured to support you in this way!)
  • 1 x DNA Test Kit ($200)
  • 1 x 30 day  DNA Repair – system strengthener (included)
  • 1 x DNA test result, with 30 page action plan (included)
  • 1 x 1:1 DNA test result follow up appointment, full integration ($300)
  • 1 x Individulized Formulation, created for your DNA, based on your results, from 389 million possibilities; with your name on it, with over 100 plant based ingredients.  (Formulation only. Monthly shipment of your customized DNA support is billed separately- cancel at anytime)  
  • See what I do and how I do it, so you can replicate it for your clients ($priceless!!)
*Register below for Part 1 & 2:
*Interested in the certification? Scroll down, to the “Investment Options” Section.


(Notes: all coaching is done via conference call. Testing will be done on site at the event, or in your home – no blood required. A one time lab fee of $100 USD will be paid by the client at the time the sample is registered with the lab, online, prior to sending. Pre-requisite for Part 2 is Part 1.




The DNA Nutrition Foundation Training





For the Complete DNA Nutrition Foundation Program: Part 1 & 2, and Optional Certification

Part 1: Live Online Training $1495 
Part 2: Personal Experience DNA Test Kit & Mentoring $500 
Complete Program: Part 1 & 2:  $1995 
Certification Add-On Option: $500
(Note: CERTIFICATION INCLUDES: 1 post-event group training call, assignments (that will help you build your program) and a final exam, to be completed within 60 days of live event. Upon successful completion certificate, suitable for framing, will be issued! The certification add-on will be $795 in the future, get it now for $495.)
If you’re called to the exceptional path of living your epic life and helping others to do the same with DNA Nutrition, enroll now!
I am here for you!
See you soon!
With love, gratitude and joie de vivre,
     Janice L. Skoreyko
                              ATTEND THE BROADCAST!  
P.S. Due to high demand, from people who could not make it in person, we are bringing this Premier DNA Nutrition Foundation Certification to you via BROADCAST!

Choose from 3 options below 

Registration: OPEN – Until Oct 9, 2019

50% OFF, For a Limited Time! 

Complete Program with Certification $1795
Register for the Part 1 & 2 Broadcast today and get some 1:1 time with me, your DNA Test Kit and follow up session! This will show you how to celebrate where you are doing great and the changes to make to further align with the life and lifestyle you desire. 
Working with epigenetics has a profound impact, brings generational healing and is designed to ensure that we are focused on the legacy we are leaving, and passing down the intended one – while experiencing the best quality of life!  
It’s time for total integration: Lead by example, align your business around your unique purpose, and help others. Don’t worry about packing… attend the BROADCAST by signing up here:
Policies and Payment Options:
*Standard Details and Policies: Prices listed are in USD. Tax added where applicable. Registrations are 100% confirmed upon payment, non-refundable and non-transferrable to another date or person. Part 1 and 2 of the DNA Nutrition Foundation Program, are not offered separately. Certification issued, upon completion of the two part program, assignments, and final exam, within 60 days of the live event. It is understood that these terms are accepted, upon registration by the registrant. Our partner lab is under the strictest of guidelines, it is a health lab, HIPPA complient, and does not share information with any 3rd parties.
E-transfer is available and will save you the credit card processing fee of 5%. If this is an option you’d like, please send your e-transfer to: 
email: support@rawfoundation.ca
Name: Janice Lee Skoreyko
Question: Fabourite food? 
Answer: Chocolate
Next: email support@rawfoundation.ca,  type e-transfer DNA Program in the subject line, and advise of your transfer, we will then recieve it and confirm your registration.


All registrations are subject to standard reservation policies.  For complete details, please click here.


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