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If you’re a driven, heart-centered woman craving more meaning, purpose, empowerment, confidence, “credibility “ and fun in your business, while meeting your high-level personal and business goals… this is your chance to work with me personally and step into the frontier of your field.
The consciousness of the world is opening up and DNA is a very popular and important conversation- it’s time to lead the way by doing your work and help others to go deeper as well. The impact of this work is healing for us, as well as generations to come; instead of continuing to create generations that are lesser than ours- a very serious tragedy.
The Premier DNA Nutrition Foundation Certification is here! About your instructor: For the past 15 years DNA and epigenetic focused nutrition and lifestyle have been at the forefront of Janice Skoreyko’s practice as well as her studies- for the past 20 years- it is how she was able to create a different reality and save her life; from its predicted miserable and short expectancy. It is her life’s mission to train savvy, high achieving leaders to live and share this knowlede with others; creating an impact for generations to come.   (She also has some exciting cutting edge bonus content to share from her last 12 months of programs at MIT, the Institute of Functional Medicine and the University of Melbourne with you!) 


The Premier DNA Nutrition Foundation Program,
Is a 3-Level Program and Includes:

Level 1 :  Live Training Via Broadcast; Spring Session Open:

Program Begins May 15th, 2022 


Level 2:  Personal 1:1 Experience – Registration Opens Fall 2021 
Comprehensive Initial Itegrative Health Consultation, DNA Nutrition Test, DNA Nutrition Test Results Review Appointment, Formulation of Supplemental Support- down to the microgram specific to your DNA (from 300 million possible combinations) Final Follow-Up. – Level 2 is the best way to experience your own personal next-level; professionally- if you wish to add this to the services you offer your clients, positioning yourself at the frontier of your field, the intake forms, lab and formulations information will be made available to you- as well as the experience being mentored during this level with a practitioner with 20 years in the field. 

Level 3: Certification – Registration Opens Winter 2021

(Part 1 is a pre-requisite for Part 2, and Part 2 a pre-requisite for Part 3)



6 Weeks of Action Packed Content & Application


  • * Foundational Science & Language of DNA Nutrition & Lifestyle
  • * Why DNA testing is important and what it can uncover – check your messages!
  • * What are the top 20 blockbuster SNPs (DNA variants/ defects) – having the greatest impact on our health; front of mind desired outcomes (a good mood, a delicious night’s sleep, greater productivity, more energy, athleticism)
  • * How the top 20 SNPS impact chronic disease & what to do about it
  • * Why DNA is NOT our destiny
  • .
  • * Top foods and top herbs for each SNP– based on solid science and peer reviewed studies
  • * Anti-ageing secrets
  • * Timeless Lifestyle Co-Factor Principles & how they affect DNA
  • .
  • * How our grandparents’ traumas affect chronic disease in our generation
  • * How traumas & lifestyle factors affect blood sugar, cholesterol & fertility
  • * The power of Re-membering – healing now and beyond.
  • * How to discover what your next chapter is aligned to, with clarity and confidence
  • .
  • * Have a solid plan to support your DNA SNPs to align with the quality of life you desire and deserve
  • * How to have DNA testing available for your clients/ patients/ family, if you wish
  • * Stop blind nutrition – guessing and stressing
  • * Understand the difference between DNA Needs and Nutritional Deficiencies.
  • .
  • * How to improve overall metabolism and absorption, overall wellbeing
  • * How to Formulate DNA nutrition for yourself and your clients
  • * How to integrate DNA testing and education into your business, quickly, easily and effectively
  • * How to further support the SNPs with plant-based, or raw-vegan recipes
  • * Do life as a Next Generation Leader– so you achieve your goals AND enjoy your life!
  • .
  • * Have you & your loved ones feel more secure and cared for as you step further into your greatness, dare to be seen and heard- this is your time!




ENROLL NOW: Level 1– Live Broadcast Training 
The 6 Week Premiere DNA Nutrition Foundation Program: Level 1, is the starting point and foundation for your journey.


Payment Plan: 2 Installment of $1000, 30 days apart, totaling $2000

Payment Plan Registration: while spaces last






Pay In Full: You can save $500 by making a one-time payment of $1500.
Registration available: while spaces last
If you’re called to the path of living your most exceptional life and helping others to do the same with your signature system & DNA Nutrition, I invite you to enroll today, and position yourself at the frontier of your field!
A Note From Our Founder:
Working with epigenetics has a profound impact, brings generational healing and is designed to ensure that we are focused on the legacy we are leaving, and passing down the intended one – while experiencing an exceptional quality of life!
-“You are your ancestor’s wildest dream!” xo 
It’s time for total integration: Lead by example, align your business around your unique purpose, and help others. Don’t worry about packing  and traveling… you can attend the LIVE BROADCAST Training, and mentorships  by signing up now. Myself and the entire team are so excited to see you, and delighted to be here to support you on your journey. We are here for you. 
See you soon! 
With appreciation,
Janice Skoreyko
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