Enrollment is OPEN:

for the Spring/Summer 2016

Transformational, RAW Food Educator Program!

This is your opportunity to take your energy, health, stamina, evolution,

your life and the lives of those that matter to you most to the next level;

along with your passion based business.

Are you looking to move forward this year with sound knowledge to compliment your personal health journey? 

Are you looking for comprehensive workshops with a team of experts committed to your success?



Whether you are dabbling in adding more raw food to your lifestyle, a seasoned raw foodie, or a healthcare practitioner integrating whole food and  into your practice; these programs are here to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed both on your personal journey and with your mission, now.  

This is not just a cooking school it is an inspired, empowered, high energy lifestyle; integrating all that you need to truly succeed!


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 need to succeed in taking your energy, nutrition and lifestyle to the next level now.



The RAW Foundation RAW Food

Educator Programs is available for 8

areas of specialization, via Distance Education: 


1. Science: digestion, nutrition, naturopathy and Chinese medicine.

2. Cleansing: detoxification, fasting for specific common conditions/challenges, advanced sprouting and juicing skills for balancing the body.

3. *Culinary Expressions: though the foundation program is science, nutrition and lifestyle focused, there are some gourmet raw food recipes and tips from our Raw Food Foundation Raw Food Foundation Chef and Raw Food Masters Programs: dessert, chocolate, pastries, global cuisine and comfort foods.  All recipes are grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, mold-free, nutritional yeast-free, maple syrup-free; all truly raw, five-star vegan creations. 

4.The mind body connection: higher consciousness, getting more deeply connected to yourself and everyone around you.

5. Women's Health: complete education on top conditions

6. Sports nutrition, fueling strategies, athletic performance, recovery,  weightloss, muscle gain.

7. Anti-aging: hormone balancing, libido and lifestyle.

8. Coaching: how to transition to a healthier lifestyle safely.


winning team  mu


We are your committed team of experts!

All of RAW Foundation's classes are taught by industry

experts, each with over a decade of experience in their

fields: Nutritionists, Doctors, Therapists, 

Eating Disorder Experts, Food Allergy Experts 

Raw Food Chefs, Pastry Chef, Restauranteurs

Natural Health Educator, Colon Hydrotherapists

Herbalist, Yoga Therapist, High Performance

Athletes and  Personal Trainers, Sports Nutritionists

as well as Raw Food and Nutrition Business Owners;

whom are all part of your team in these programs

and 100% committed to your success!


Join us for your transformational journey. 






Dates and times:

Spring 2016 Distance Education Workshops:


Step 1: The Foundation:

Raw Food Educator Program


Dates: Distance Education Workshops 

May 19 –  Aug 15, 2016 (with long weekend weeks off)

NEW! Choose: Self Directed or Fully Mentored Option


Your Raw Food Foundation

Educator Program Includes 8 Key Areas of Focus: 


1. Raw Food Foundation

Raw Food Educator Foundation Series

* RAW Food Foundation: Foundation Education

* Raw Food Foundation: Science of Raw Education 

Exactly what you need to know to get started adding more raw

to your lifestyle, and fine tune for unprecedented energy & success!


2. Raw Food Foundation

Women's Health Series 

 * Raw Food Foundation: Emotional Eating  Education

 * Raw Food Foundation: Women's Health Education

Discover the reasons behind emotional eating, how to breakthrough

the patterns methodically, effectively and deliciously. And, dive deep into

the ins an outs of women's health, hormones, weightloss, hormones

mood essentials and more!


3. Raw Food Foundation:

Starving Cancer Education 

 * Raw Food Foundation: Starving Cancer  Education


4. Raw Food Foundation:

Detoxification Education 

 * Raw Food Foundation: 3 Part Detoxification Education 


5. Raw Food Foundation:

Anti-Aging Education

 * Raw Food Foundation: Anti-Aging  Education


6. RAW Food Foundation

Brain Health Education

 * Raw Food Foundation: Brain Health  Education


7. Raw Food Foundation

Food Allergy Education  

 * Raw Food Foundation: Food Allergy Education


8. Raw Food Foundation 

Eating for Higher Consciousness

 * Raw Food Foundation: Eating For Higher Conscousness Education

   Intuitive Eating.


















Raw Food Educator Foundation Program Format:

Throughout the Mentored Distance Education Workshops

There are weekly: assignments, quizes, mentoring/ Q and A

calls with members of the Raw Foundation Faculty


These workshops are your foundation for a sound

education in living a vibrantly healthy lifestyle and

living your best life.


Includes all materials, online program access,

downloadable MP3 audio for your personal library,

weekly Q & A sessions, quizzes, invaluable resources,

and exceptional support from our Education

Team of professionals committed to your success!  



You Have Options!

1) The Mentored Raw Food Educator Foundation Program

Is for coaches and healthcare practitioners interested in certification

specialized, in the areas above, as well as  for health

enthusiasts who want the experience of being in

a "classroom". In addition to  benefit from "sideways" learning

opportunities from the questions their peers pose, 

in the weekly Q and A / mentoring calls this option provides

you with inner circle access to your dedicated

education concierge, here to help you every step of the way. 

The assignments provided support your pesonal journey as well 

as strengthen and deepen your connection with you clients;

and assist you in getting your marketing done!

Your "homework" is always relevant and often includes a

delicious component, for you to eat! How sweet is that? 

Certificate upon completion of all assignments with a grade of 80% or better.


Registration is now closed and will reopen this winter.

Would you like to get on the VIP list for the next intake, and 

be the first to know and have access to register before the general public? 


Email: support@rawfoundation.ca and in the subject line state put me on the 

Raw Food Educator VIP list, and include anything else that you would like

to share. We'll be sure you receive VIP treatment!


2) NEW! The Self- Directed Raw Food Educator Foundation Program

If you prefer to do a program, on your own time,

without accountability the new Self-Directed Program is

what you have been waiting for and will love!

In our survey many of you wrote in saying that you are just doing "this" to

learn how to live the ultimate healthy lifestyle, from preventative methods

and grow. Too, you shared that you were not interested in homework; we hear you!

Now you can work at your own pace

and choose to upgrade to the certification program, in a future intake,

should this be your wish.


Registration is now closed and will reopen this winter.

Would you like to get on the VIP list for the next intake, and 

be the first to know and have access to register before the general public? 


Email: support@rawfoundation.ca   in the subject line state put me on the 

Raw Food Educator VIP list, and include anything else that you would like

to share. We'll be sure you receive VIP treatment!



The Raw Food Educator Foundation Program

is your foundation for health, for life.







For those interested in the Raw Food Educator Live Masters Program, you may continue 

your journey with the Acclaimed Raw Food Foundation Raw Food Chef Weekend or 

one of our specialty retreats. The Raw Food Educator Distance Education Program 

provides a solid foundation, for life; to give you the confidence you need to 

feed your successful, sustainable high energy transformation.  

We look ever so forward to sharing the gift of raw food with you and seeing you soon!



*Have questions? Email us at support @ rawfoundation.ca or call 1 855 839 8424 x 1 to speak with an Admissions Advisor.


All investments are subject to GST and standard reservation policies*.



Our Panel of Experts

Read more about our experts here >>

Janice Skoreyko

Christine Wohlleben

Tinesja Vanel

Dr. Ali Amiri

Liz Campbell

Lise Despres

Eden Elizabeth
Erin Luyendyk Erin Luyendyk Dr Robert Nadol Dr Robert Nadol


Registration policy: due to the preparation involved for all  workshops,  events, and coaching sessions,  we are unable to accept walk-ins. Additionally all registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable to another program date, once processed. Special offers are applicable only to the dates specified.  RAW Foundation, reserves the right to change the instructor or coach for workshops, retreats and events  without notice. For the complete reservations policies please click here


RAW Foundation Culinary Arts Institute and Breathless to Breathtaking Productions Inc.'s teachings including but are not  limited to seminars, teachings, any information from associated individuals, including but not limited to practitioners, instructors, assistants, representatives, associates, employees, agents and or assignees related thereto, make no promises, guarantees, representations and or warranties regarding medical diagnosis and or medical treatment, and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges.  All information presented and/or provided is for general informational purposes only and is not to be considered medical advice.  You are solely responsible for your own medical care.  

*Due to the preparation involved and intimate nature of our courses advanced registration is required, as well as the presentation of your registration confirmation upon check in.  All standard reservation policies* apply, no exceptions.  View all upcoming RAW Foundation workshops, retreats and events here!

**For online programs the following is required: a high speed internet connection, access to email, a phone or Skype line with dialing capabilities to dial into training and conference calls, fluent written, verbal and auditory English skills, and the ability to create documents in MicroSoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint formats, basic email as well as uploading and file sharing skills; as required to complete assignments.  Online presentations can be listened to on PC, Mac or tablet devices; a laptop or PC is required to view online presentations, should this be your preference. Upon registration into this program, due to the nature of the content, it is understood that there are no refunds, to prevent abuse of the system. If you understand, are aware of the outstanding quality of education that Raw Foundation Culinary Arts has provided to thousands of clients in 26 countries, over the past decade, and wish to join us under these circumstances, we are absolutely delighted to invite you to do so. 

© 2016 RAW Foundation.  Breathless to Breathtaking Productions Inc.  All rights reserved.

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