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The Experience that will change your life!

The acclaimed Raw Food Foundation’s

Raw Food Chef Certification Program

is the Indulgent, Five-Star, Fast Track to Vibrant Health and

to position yourself at the frontier of your field!

It’s time to take your energy, health, culinary skills,

& confidence to the next level, and

make a greater difference doing what you love.

Join us, and your new BFFs this September!

This Empowering Intensive Program

takes your knowledge and skillset to a whole new level;

you’ll learn to create the top comfort foods,

silky smooth dessertshow to complete any recipe

and give it that “wow” factor; along with solid,

in-depth, science and nutrition.

Learn how to make meals like high-end raw
food restaurants and those featured in major publications
easily at home, that will wow your family and dinner party 
guests; with our delicious recipes, featured in
In addition to food preparation, this course will cover the
top 3 tips for creating lasting lifestyle change, quickly,
easily, and joyfully; in your life, and the lives of those around
you. Our team shares the secrets of The RAW Foundation
Method, resulting from decades of private practice
working with clients and educating students and corporations,
around the world; resulting in unstoppable energy and our
founder, Janice  L. Skoreyko, reversing the symptoms
of 5 serious illnesses in her own body; and has 
positively impacted and served individuals in 27 countries.

       This Program Covers:

• What a RAW Food Foundation Fast Track to Health lifestyle consists of
• How much more there is to a healthy lifestyle and meals plan than salad
  (we don’t make any salad in this program)
• How to make quick, easy and delicious, gourmet dishes:
breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks, that taste
better than their cooked food competitors, that you and the whole family will love. 
• Sound nutrition knowledge for each ingredient
• How you can eat chocolate cake for breakfast and feel really good about it!
• Where to shop for the best ingredients
• What you need in your kitchen to get started, shopping and equipment list
• How to make this lifestyle work for youminimizing prep time to just twice a week!
Perfect for busy professionals and moms who need delicious, healthy, energizing meals and snacks FAST. 
• How to balance the 5 tastes to complete any recipe  
• Deliciously satisfying flavour-packed recipes, decadent, silky-smooth desserts
• How to unleash your inner home chef
• How to look and feel even more amazing (side effects of this lifestyle) and stay on track
•  Sprouting and Dehydration: bread, pizza, crackers, chips and more!
•  How to fast track and tailor this lifestyle to your needs and/or your family
•  What to do when you are away from home: traveling, at a get-together
•  Sound nutrition education, how to determine the vitamin and mineral content in your food
•  Quick and Easy Menu Planning & Shopping 
•  Where to get the best ingredients!
•  How to transition yourself, your family, and friends to enjoy these meals, easily in everyday life
•  What is the missing ingredient to get the WOW! factor. How you can “fix” any recipe
•  Why people fall off the wagon & how to be set up for complete success!
•  Science Session; addressing  the top 20 questions, concerns & conditions
* All recipes are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free, vegan, paleo, diabetic, heart, and figure friendly; delicious and satisfying

FAQ: Common Questions:

Program Pre-Requisites: None

Plan A: Take this program as a stand alone course, Live in person!
Plan B: Part of the 200 Hour Raw Food Educator Program

Live Class Hours: Thursday evening, Friday & Saturday full days
Online- Live Mentoring Mondays: 12:30-1:30pm PDT (recorded)

*Register early, below to secure your space as class size is limited.


It’s time:

Register yourself or your group for the Raw Food Foundation Chef Program, transform your business and your life!

This is the most comprehensive raw nutrition and lifestyle chef program available; taking your skills, health, and energy to unprecedented levels- and the ability to take your business online! 

This is your opportunity to choose to make this your best year yet and enjoy the high energy and health benefits for years to come; while positioning you and your business as the leader on the map!

Plant-based eating is not a trend, it is here to stay.  A Raw Food Foundation is the most nutrient dense, plant-based plan possible. You and your clients deserve nothing less than the very best. Join us! 


2021 & 2022 Program Menu

Raw Food Foundation Chef Program- Do What You Love!

Fall 2021 – Vancouver Canada – Registration CLOSED

Live In-Person Sept 22, 24 & 25,+ Online Live Weekly Mentoring, October 1 to 31 2021

Spring 2022- Vancouver Canada – Registration OPEN

Live In-Person April 22, 24, 25 + Online, Live, Weekly Mentoring, May 1 to 31st 2022


Registration Open

Special  Intensive Raw Food Foundation Chef Certification with our founder. xo

Standard Program Investment: $3000 CDN


Investment Option 1: Single Installment SAVE $500 

*Pay In Full Promotion: $2500 CDN

Register by Single Installment of $2500 CDN

Isn’t it time to  Do What You Love?



Investment Option 2: 6-Pay:  Spread Things Out
with this 6 x $500 CDN/month plan. Total $3000 

Registration Now With 6-Pay : Ends September 15th, 2021

Isn’t it time to  Do What You Love?

Classes fill quickly; reserve your seat now and be part of this transformational experience.


*Winter 2021 – Are you in Business? Private Programs for Restaurants, Catering Companies, Wellness Centers, Cruise lines, Private Yachts, Airlines and Five Star Spa – Chefs and teams.
Email support@rawfoundation.ca to set up a meeting to discuss your team’s needs, experience, dates and location. We are here for you!



Get Healthy & Help Others: the Easy,  Delicious, Plant-Based Way Today!



Looking to go even deeper?

Additional Coaching Component Available

For clients wishing to move forward, on the last day of the Raw Food Foundation Chef Program, there will be an opportunity to register for continuing raw food education or RAW Food Foundation Mastermind coaching, the next steps on the journey.  These opportunities are for a select number of individuals each year wishing to prioritize themselves, and work directly with our team of wellness and culinary professionals.  These programs will further empower you on your personal and professional journey and decrease your learning curve from 10 years to 10 weeks; so that you can continue enjoying ever more success right away.  Contact our office for your application forms at support@rawfoundation.ca

Ready to take your knowledge to the next level?  Now accepting registrations for the 200 Hour RAW Food Educator Program.  Check this transformational experience here!.

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Registration Policies

Registration policy: due to the preparation involved for all  workshops, retreats, events, and coaching sessions,  we are unable to accept walk-ins. Additionally all registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable to another workshop date by the client, once processed. Special offers are applicable only to the dates specified.  Remaining payment plan installments are due on the 16th of the month for the two months following registration. All payments are processed in USD.  RAW Food Foundation, reserves the right to change the instructor or coach for workshops, retreats and events  without notice. We also reserve the right to cancel or reschedule events if circumstances arise whereby performance of the event is no longer feasible, possible, safe or legal.  For the complete reservations policies please click here

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