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Last Call:

We accepting final registration for the Health Practitioner Focused 2019, 200 HOUR RAW Food Educator Program

Are you looking to move forward this year with sound knowledge? 

Is it time that you get your message out into the world?

Are you looking for a comprehensive course with a team of experts committed to your success?

The world is ready for the next evolution of elite transformations educators and leaders.

We invite you to honour yourself and others, if you are feeling called to step up to the plate.

The RAW Foundation 200 Hour RAW Food Educator Program is most comprehensive Raw Food Education available.

Our 3 Component Holistic Model Consists of: The Advanced Raw Food Chef, The Raw Food Foundation Educator, and Raw Food Coach Certification Programs 

With 8 Essential Areas of Focus

1. Science: digestion, nutrition, naturopathy, integrative medicine and Chinese medicine.

2. Cleansing, detoxing, fasting for specific common conditions/challenges, advanced sprouting and juicing skills for balancing the body.

3. Culinary Expressions: gourmet raw food preparation, desserts, chocolate, global cuisine, running your personal kitchen or business kitchen efficiently,  recipe and menu development. 

4. The mind-body connection. Higher Consciousness, getting more deeply connected to yourself and everyone around you.

5. Sports nutrition: for maximum energy and results, essential for the everyday “Olympics” and professional athletes alike. 

6. Coaching: Supporting those in transition, an intervention and motivation approach; includes comprehensive coaching starter package and templates to fast track you in getting started or upgrading your tools with a simple download.  

7. Presentation Skills: You will have a professional powerpoint presentation, so you can start sharing your message in your first month of the program distance education program, and have you honouring your desire to make an even greater difference in the world doing what you love.

8. Business Skills Labs: For heart-centered entrepreneurs including practicums for presenting, delivering unforgettable workshops, coaching experiences as well as effectively marketing and filling your workshops; while being your authentic self.  

* You will earn 3 certifications: Advanced Raw Food Chef, Raw Food Educator and Raw Food Coach 

Our signature Holistic 3 Sphere Success Model that supports you in delivering exceptional content – nutrition and science education, as well as culinary skill, and the ability to support others with coaching; whom also require the same 3 point holistic approach to succeed, in creating sustainable change in their lives and the lives of those that matter to them most.

We are committed

All of RAW Foundation’s workshops are taught by industry experts, each with over a decade of experience in their field: Doctors,  Nutritionists, Therapists, Food Allergy Experts, Nurses, Psychologists, Biodynamic farmers, Raw Food Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Natural Health Educators, Colon Hydrotherapy Educators, Herbalists, Kinesiologists, Yoga Therapist, High Performance athletes and trainer,Sports Nutritionist, Image Consultants, Food Photographers and aligned business owners; whom are all part of your team in this program and 100% committed to your success!

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Are you In?

Is it time for you to step up and share your message with the world?     

The world is ready for the next level of elite transformations educators and leaders.

We invite you to honour yourself and others, if you are feeling called into this space. Join us for a transformational journey.

This is your moment.

2019: Status: Accepting Enrollment: Health Practitioners, Educators and Chefs

200 Hour Raw Food Educator Program – 3 Component Holistic System


1. April 25th, 27th, 28th 2019: LIVE: Raw Food Chef Certification  

2. May 15th – July 15th, 2019: Distance Education, Mentored, Raw Food Coach Program

3. October 15th – January 15th, 2020: Distance Education, Raw Food Foundation Educator

Additional: Examinations, research, and projects average 10 hours per week

Registration: Open

Spaces: Limited & By Application Only

Enrollment Options

Option 1: New Students

This option includes all 3 components for the  200 Hour RAW Food Educator Program: 

 Raw Food Foundation Educator Certification ($2495 value)

 Raw Food Foundation and Advanced Chef Certification ($2495)

 Raw Food Coach Certification ($2495)

Total value $7485

Program Package Investment: $3995  (SAVE $3495)

Registering for the complete 200 Hour Raw Food Educator program provides the best value. 

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Application deadline: April  15th, 2019 or while space is available. 1 space presently available.

Enrollment is by application: Complete and send in your application.

From here, one of our admissions advisors will schedule a 1:1 call to connect with you,

review the details, answer any questions you have and put your plan in place, to support you on the next part of your journey,  welcome you to the Raw Foundation and get you started, as a life-changing educator. FAQ: Do I need a scanner? Scans or photos, with your smart phone, of your completed application form are both perfect.

Secure Your Space: Download & complete the application here:

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Enroll in this transformational program

today; make a difference doing what you love.

Application deadline: April 15th, 2019

Option 2: Returning Students

*Special note for returning students: Have you already completed a component for this program?

Welcome back! You will receive a credit towards your 200 Hour  Raw Food Educator Tuition.

Complete and send in your application. From here, one of our admissions advisors

will schedule a 1:1 call to connect with you, review the details, answer any questions you have

and put your plan in place, to support you on the next part of your journey.

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Option 3: Looking for the Raw Food Foundation Educator Distance Education Program only?

Register for this distance education program here, gain a powerful foundation

and join us for the Live Skills Portion and earn you Raw Food Foundation & Advanced Chef Certification and/ or your Raw Food Coaching Certification, if you decide to later, when you are ready.

Pre-req: none

Dates: October 15th, 2019 –  January 15th, 2020

The 200 Hour RAW Educator’s, Raw Food Foundation Educator Distance Education Program Component (option 3)

is a stand-alone program, 12 weeks in length and consists of 23 Modules, with 12 areas of focus:

1. Transitioning to RAW Safely
2. Detoxification
3. Emotional Eating
4. Essential Fatty Acids and Low Fat Raw Vegan Plans
5. Comfort Foods
Grain Damage
7. Antioxidants
9. Women’s Heath, Hormones
10. The Truth in Labels
11. Vaccinations
12. An introduction to Chinese Medicine

This program is your foundation for a sound education in vibrant healthy living.

Includes all materials, online program access, weekly Q & A, quizzes

and exceptional education from our team of professionals committed to your success!

Investment $2495
Enroll in the Online Raw Food Foundation Educator Program today!

*Have questions? Email us at support@rawfoundation.ca or call

778 839 8424 to speak with an admissions advisor

** Financing plans available on standard investments and do not apply to scholarship or packages.

All investments are subject to standard reservation policies.

Our Panel of Experts

Read more about our experts here >>

Janice Skoreyko

Christine Wohlleben

Tinesja Vanel

Dr. Ali Amiri

Liz Campbell

Lise Despres

Eden Elizabeth
Erin Luyendyk

Erin Luyendyk

Dr Robert Nadol

Dr Robert Nadol

Registration policy: due to the preparation involved for all workshops,  events, and coaching sessions,  we are unable to accept walk-ins. Additionally, all registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable to another program date, once processed. Special offers are applicable only to the dates specified.  RAW Foundation, reserves the right to change the instructor or coach for workshops, retreats and events without notice. For the complete reservations policies please click here

RAW Foundation Culinary Arts Institute and Breathless to Breathtaking Productions Inc.’s teachings including but are not  limited to seminars, teachings, any information from associated individuals, including but not limited to practitioners, instructors, assistants, representatives, associates, employees, agents and or assignees related thereto, make no promises, guarantees, representations and or warranties regarding medical diagnosis and or medical treatment, and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges.  All information presented and/or provided is for general informational purposes only and is not to be considered medical advice.  You are solely responsible for your own medical care.  

*Due to the preparation involved and intimate nature of our courses advanced registration is required, as well as the presentation of your registration confirmation upon check in.  All standard reservation policies* apply, no exceptions.  View all upcoming RAW Foundation workshops, retreats and events here!

**For online programs the following is required: a high speed internet connection, access to email, a phone or Skype line with dialing capabilities to dial into training and conference calls, fluent written, verbal and auditory English skills, and the ability to create documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint formats, basic email as well as uploading and file sharing skills; as required to complete assignments.  Online presentations can be listened to on PC, Mac or tablet devices; a laptop or PC is required to view online presentations, should this be your preference. Upon registration into this program, due to the nature of the content, it is understood that there are no refunds, to prevent abuse of the system. If you understand, are aware of the outstanding quality of education that Raw Foundation Culinary Arts has provided to thousands of clients in 26 countries, over the past decade, and wish to join us under these circumstances, we are absolutely delighted to invite you to do so. 

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